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We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below.

Please call or contact us for more information.

Standing Seam

Multi width and colors installed with a "Class A" assembly. A standing seam is a vertical metal panel that lies flat and is joined together at the sides by concealed fasteners. An interlocking joint forms a seam at the connecting points between panels making the seam a water tight barrier. Our standing seam roof panels are produced on site with our Roll Former machine to custom fit every roof application.

Corrugated Metal

Available in rusted and varitery of colors/profiles. They usually range from 22 to 24 gauge thicknesses, making it an ideal lower cost solution for commercial and residential applications. Profile sizes are available in 7/8, 1/2, and mini ribbed.


Synthetic Shake/Slate

Shake: Traditional cedar shakes have long been prized for their rustic appeal, but suffer from all the natural drawbacks of wood. Polymer-composite synthetic shakes closely replicate the look of real cedar in both hand-split and machine-sawn styles, yet require no maintenance and last for many years.

Slate: Composed of engineered polymers, synthetic slates offer the durable beauty of natural slate without the inherent imperfections that cause slate to break or flake. Synthetic slate roofing is a very economical and attractive alternative. 


Copper roofing is known for its bright orange color, which weathers to a variety of colors over time. It is highly distinctive and flexible, allowing skilled roofers to create ornate architectural cornices and other design elements. However, copper roofing offers more than just good looks. It is also:

  • Long-lasting: Copper is highly durable. When properly installed, a copper roof can last for many years — far longer than conventional asphalt or wooden shingles. As a metal, it is naturally resistant to fire, mold, mildew and hailstorms, among other forces that can cause damage or premature wear to a building.

  • Lightweight: Copper’s long-lasting durability doesn’t come at the expense of excessive weight. As a result, it can be installed in nearly any property, often on top of an existing roof. This keeps costs down while speeding up the installation process, without requiring excessive modifications to a building’s structure.

  • Energy-efficient: Like other ornamental metals, copper reflects the light of the sun, which helps reduce thermal heating in your home and consequently keeps indoor temperatures more stable year-round. Choosing copper means lower utility bills, less wear on expensive HVAC equipment and improved home comfort.



Single Ply Membrane- TPO/PVC/EPDM

TPO is designed to combine the durability of rubber with the proven performance of hot-air weldable seams. TPO membranes with their high-reflectivity ratings help reduce the amount of energy required to maintain cool building environments.

PVC is a sturdy, single-ply roofing membrane proven to perform well on both residential and commercial roofs. It is highly reflective and resists moisture due to heat-welded seams. 

EPDM is made of a high-performance synthetic rubber compound that provides outstanding weather resistance in various climates. EPDM membranes are economical systems that provide durability, design versatility, and installation ease for single ply systems.

Real Slate

Slate quarried for roofing stock is very dense and exceedingly durable. It can last for a century or longer due to its high strength, low porosity and low absorption rate. Compared to alternatives such as asphalt and wood, slate shingles are known as one of the highest-quality, longest-lasting roofing materials available. The many different colors, sizes and textures of slate afford many architectural effects, contributing to the appearance and beauty of any building.The versatility and durability of zinc makes it an excellent choice as a material for roofing.


Zinc is highly malleable and can be formed into just about any shape, allowing for incredible freedom in design. Zinc also develops its own protective patina, which gives it a life that greatly exceeds other common roofing materials. Plus, thanks to its naturally forming self-healing properties, zinc roofs provide years of virtually maintenance-free protection.



Asphalt roofs comes in 30, 40 and 50-year varieties. Available in dimensional asphalt, laminate asphalt and architectural asphalt, this wind-resistant roof type is one of the oldest types in use…and it’s durability is part of the reason.


Custom Shingles & Siding

Fabricated in house. Shingles and siding can be made in various profiles and sizes. Materials include zinc, copper, lead-coated copper, painted kynar steel, and rusted metals. Contact us for more information or a custom quote.



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